The Truth of Science

This website is dedicated to explaining evolution, a fact that is doubted by 42% of our population, and other widely misunderstood science.

I support Hillary Clinton for President. Did you know that Trump says climate change is a Chinese hoax? The Chinese had nothing to do with it, and it's accepted as fact by 98% of climatologists.

An introduction to evolution

Evolution is survival of the fittest. Organisms that are more likely to reproduce(most commonly because they survive or have increased sex appeal) end up making more "babies" that share their traits. Occasionally there are genetic mutations in the chain, causing a new genetic trait. Often it kills the animal, but sometimes it improves their ability to reproduce. If genetic mutations are real and survival of the fittest is real, it follows that evolution is true to at least some extent.

Evolution is a theory supported by the fossil record - we see similarities between all of the animals today along with the fossil record. Contrary to popular belief, evolution has been tested with bacteria - for example, when exposed to antibiotics, the bacteria populations can recover - and become resistant to antibiotics. This is because there are already bacteria resistant to antibiotics in the population. They survive the antibiotics and reproduce.

Despite being an atheist myself, I am not making an argument for atheism. Feel free to be a Jain, Buddhist, or if you manage to reconcile it with evolution, Muslim, Christian, or Jew. I do not, however, condone any violation of ethics based on religion, such as killing infidels(KKK, ISIS) or violating secularism(Kansas School Board, some high schools, various towns).

If you have an argument against evolution, it might be listed here.

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